It takes one mind to
connect the world.

I drive.
I travel.
I see.
I create.
I innovate.
I, Neerja.

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It takes two to innovate.


“Neerja” my friends would tell me “haven’t you already done more than you had committed, “I agree,” I would say and then add “ but just this bit more, it will do wonders for the project.”
That is how I’m made, once I take up and assignment, I give it everything and then some more, irrespective of the size or what was expected. I got into Event Management for just this one reason- I am passionate about it!
That’s me; Neerja Pathania and I believe it is because of this passion for my profession that Innovations Solutions & Events that I founded 15 years ago has been such a trailblazing success. The journey has been full of spectacular milestones; creating memories, building brands, and creating experiential extravaganzas beyond the ordinary.

Aakash Kaithe has played an indispensable role in the growth and success of Innovations Solutions & Events. His ideas have helped us stay true to our name and his energy is why this place brims with passion.

Together we have taken Innovations to its most defining stage, and we are not stopping. There are still many brand stories to create, many memorable moments to live, and many impeccable celebrations to unfold.


Managed by a team of young & dynamic professionals who think on their feet, Innovations is the name enterprises think of first

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